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Différence entre Ticket - Voucher - Coupon

Know how to manage your tour services and promotions by knowing the difference between a ticket, a voucher, and a coupon.

What is the difference between a ticket, a voucher, and a coupon?

Here are easy-to-understand differences among tickets, vouchers, and coupons.


A ticket gives you the right to go to a certain event, place, or service at a specific date and time. It often cannot be used beyond this predetermined timeframe.

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Unlike tickets, vouchers work as a form of "credit," allowing the holder to redeem it for a ticket. What differentiates vouchers is they only carry an expiration date, rather than a specific date and time of an event.

Essentially, a voucher provides flexibility in choosing when to attend an event or use a service until its expiry date. Beyond this date, the voucher becomes invalid and can no longer be redeemed for a ticket.


A coupon functions differently from both tickets and vouchers. It's a promotional tool, often presented as a code, that offers a discount on the purchase of tickets or other goods or services.
Unlike vouchers, coupons can typically be redeemed multiple times until their expiration date. Businesses primarily use them to track return on investment (ROI) from social media or print advertising campaigns.

Each of these — tickets, vouchers, and coupons — plays a distinct role in event management, sales, and promotions.

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Updated on: 12/06/2023

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