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Modification d'une réservation

How to Reschedule, Modify, or Cancel a Booking

In this guide, we'll walk you through how to modify or cancel a booking for a customer.

We'll cover changes such as adjusting the date, converting tickets into vouchers, or adding more guests to a booking.

Note: If a customer wishes to switch products, the existing booking must be cancelled, and a new one must be created for the alternative product.

The magic link is a link sent to a customer's email that allows him to manage his own booking. You can give them permissions to either refund, change date/time, or convert it into a voucher.

This feature is available to all TicketingHub users.

Learn how to use the magic link here.

See how the magic link can save you hours from manual rebooking. Read our blog: Online Rebooking Issues? Save your time with the magic link.

Quick Links: Amending a Booking
Trouver la réservation
Modify a Booking for the Same Product
Add or Exchange Products
Cancel a Booking
Book Another Product or Exchange a Ticket for a Voucher

Trouver la réservation

Find a booking: Sales > Enter BK or OR Reference Number

To find a booking:

Log into your TicketingHub account.
Click on "Sales" (Left sidebar).
Use the filters to search for the booking. The quickest way is to search is to "Find by Reference" (Left side of the screen).
Enter either the BK (booking) or OR (order) reference. The booking will appear at the top of the page.
Click on the blue-coloured OR number to open the order. You'll see the booking at the centre of your screen.

Modify a Booking for the Same Product

To modify a booking: Find the Booking > Change date/time or the number of guests

To make changes in a booking:

Locate the booking and click on the blue OR reference to open the Order Page.
Click on the blue Date and Time to change them.
Click on the number of people/tickets (also highlighted in blue) to adjust the quantity.

Note: If you add or remove tickets, you'll notice the "balance" (money paid/owing) changes. You can add an extra payment or refund the excess money if needed. In addition, modifying a booking does NOT automatically issue new tickets. Click the blue "Resend booking confirmation" to resend new/amended bookings. Similarly, refunding a booking does NOT cancel it, and cancelling a booking does NOT automatically refund any money. (see snipped image below as an example)

As you make changes (increase or decrease) in the number of guests in a booking, the 'balance' in Payments also changes. With it, you can either 'Refund Payment' or 'Resend Booking Confirmation' to notify them of the change and request payment for the additional booking.

Add or Exchange Products

Customer Booking > Click the 'Add Booking' button > Fill-in booking details

To add a booking:

Click on the blue-coloured OR number to enter the order.
Click "Add Booking" and follow the prompts to select a new product/tour/event and select its date, time, and number of customers.

If the customer wishes to exchange products:

Follow two steps mentioned (to add a booking).
Delete the original booking by clicking the red trash bin icon (this automatically notifies the customer that their original booking has been cancelled).
Click the blue "Send Notification" to send the new tickets.

Cancel a Booking

To cancel a booking:

Open the order via "Bookings".
Choose one of the following methods:

Cancel the Booking for a full refund: Cancelling the Booking automatically refunds the user.

Click 'Cancel Order' to automatically cancel and refund.

Cancel the order and manually refund the desired amount: If you cancel the booking, the money stays in the order, and you can process a partial refund.

Or click the red trash bin to cancel the booking and manually issue a refund.

Then, click on 'Refund Payment'

Book Another Product or Exchange a Ticket for a Voucher

Cancel the order with the red trash bin > Add Booking

To book another product or exchange a ticket for a voucher:

Cancel the order. The booking balance will still be positive.
Add a new booking for the customer on a different product or with a voucher, then sort out the difference (pay or refund the balance).

Note: You can add additional bookings to any order by clicking "Create new booking" in the middle of the order page.

Updated on: 22/06/2023

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